NVMe Storage Volumes for Instance Root and Data

Block Storage

Superfast, Redundant and Reliable NVMe Storage Block Volumes

Block & File storage
100% NVMe Storage

All NVMe Drives

Ultra high-speed, all-flash, redundant and reliable block storage volumes

Unbeatable IOPS

Unbeatable IOPS

3000 IO/s on Standard and Unlimited IO/s on Extreme with storage latency under 0.1ms

NFS File Storage

NFS File Storage

Infintely scalable network-attached storage for throughput-intensive file workloads

Root and Addon Disk Configurations

Resilient and Redundant Block Volumes

Standard NVMe
Extreme NVme
Name Size IOPS
RBV-S-FS1 Freesize 3000
RBV-S-50 50 GB 3000
RBV-S-100 100 GB 3000
RBV-S-200 200 GB 3000
RBV-S-400 400 GB 3000
RBV-S-500 500 GB 3000
RBV-E-FS1 Freesize Unlimited
RBV-E-50 50 GB Unlimited
RBV-E-100 100 GB Unlimited
RBV-E-200 200 GB Unlimited
RBV-E-400 400 GB Unlimited
RBV-E-500 500 GB Unlimited

Lowest Costs Guaranteed

Save 50% on Cloud Costs Compared to Hyperscalers