Portable Container Clusters


Power-packed, Scalable and Easy-to-use Kubernetes Clusters

Easy-to-use Kubernetes Clusters
Kubernetes Clusters

All Things Kubernetes

Complete power of Kubernetes wrapped in an easy-to-use intuitive UI

Complete Cluster Control

Complete Cluster Control

Multi-master clusters, scaleable nodes, persistent volumes, ingress, everything in one

Kubernetes Services

Portable Everywhere

Fully intertwined with kubeconfig and kubectl, and with EKS Anywhere

Node Configurations

High Performance Control and Worker Nodes

General Purpose
Memory Intensive
RGP-2C4R 2 Cores 4 GB
RGP-4C8R 4 Cores 8 GB
RGP-4C16R 4 Cores 16 GB
RGP-8C16R 8 Cores 16 GB
RGP-8C32R 8 Cores 32 GB
RGP-16C32R 16 Cores 32 GB
RMI-4C32R 4 Cores 32 GB
RMI-8C64R 8 Cores 64 GB
RMI-16C128R 16 Cores 128 GB

Virtual Routers for Kubernetes

High Speed Networking for Kubernetes Clusters

Name Description
RVPC-Express 2 vCPU Cores 2 GB RAM Virtual Routers with 10 Gigabit Throughput and Unlimited Bandwidth
RDI-IPv4 Default Source-NAT IPv4 for Cluster Access and Ingress Networking

Lowest Costs Guaranteed

Save 50% on Cloud Costs Compared to Hyperscalers